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Neo Hospital- Digital Management
Care You Deserve -
Neo Multispeciality hospital is one of the most comprehensive, integrated academic healthcare systems, from dependable primary care to the most sophisticated specialties which is situated in the heart of the electronic city.

Project Challenge

Strategic Design

Location awareness was our primary challenge.
Identifying the Right Platform to promote.
Declining Organic Engagement.
Giving responses to patients' queries.

The Solution

Content Plan & Design

Our creative team worked on providing content, designs, and strategies in Social Media Administration that emphasized the location of the hospital in and out of the electronic city. Finding the right platform for promotion involved a lot of research. Organic reach is our primary focus on social media platforms, and we've been successful after a few trials and errors. Additionally, we are actively responding to patient queries on all social media, working closely with the hospital for seamless digital responses and health awareness to the public.

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